SOUND: Hints for the Auditory Learner


1. Say aloud the information to be learned/have someone read the information to you/read it into a tape recorder and replay it.

2. Read your work out loud. Summarize what you have read on tape.

3. Say words inside your head silently.

4. Brainstorm ideas with others. Form study groups.

5. When possible, learn information through tapes, television, oral reports, rhymes and songs, radio, lectures, book reviews, panel and group discussions, guest lectures, and oral questions and answers.

6. Use a straight-edge marker or guide to assist you in keeping your place while you are reading or working with printed materials.

7. Tape class lectures (Ask instructor for permission).

8. Meet with classmates before and/or after class to discuss material.



1. Plan each sentence you want to write by saying it out loud or silently in your head.

2. Say each sentence several times.

3. Write each sentence as you say it, or talk into a tape recorder, dictating each sentence of your paragraph; then play the tape back – one sentence at a time – and record your paragraph in writing.



1. Listen to the spelling of the word.

2. Say the word – then say each letter out loud

3. Close your eyes and spell the word out loud; check your spelling.

4. Close your eyes and spell the word out loud again; check your spelling.

5. Now write the word, trying to hear it in your mind.

6. Verbally review spelling words and lectures with a friend.



1. Learn math while saying the concept, fact, theorem, etc., aloud.

2. Explain math problems, concepts, facts, etc., to yourself, relating the information out loud.

3. Use a tape recorder and replay the information.


















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