SIGHT: Hints for the Visual Learner


1. Take notes, make pictures, graphs, and charts. Use flashcards and highlight key details

2. Sit close to the teacher so that you can watch his/her face and gestures.

3. Take notes or make lists as you listen to directions.

4. Carefully check instructions written on the chalkboard and on handouts.

5. as the teacher lectures, pay attention to visual aids such as the following: – Drawing, maps, graphs, charts – Transparencies, posters, films, books

6. Imagine pictures of the information you are suppose to remember.

7. Use color coding as cues to important information.

8. When possible, read assignments silently.

9. Maintain class notes and outlines of important information to study.

10. Try to read and study in well lit, quiet place.

11. Record homework assignments in a date book, on a note pad, or a specially designed assignment sheet.

12. Keep a note pad with you at all times. Write out everything for frequent and quick visual review.



1. Use sight words, flashcards, note cards and experience stories; don’t try to sound words out, but try to determine if the new word or words has words you already know. For example, the ―systematic‖ has the word ―system‖, ―stem‖ and ―mat‖ within it.

2. You are a ―look-and-say‖ learner. Look at a word carefully; then say it.



1. Jot down ideas as they form in your mind.

2. Outline your ideas.

3. Make a rough draft, skipping lines. Correct/revise your work.

4. Re-copy your paper.

5. ESSAY TEST: Make quick outlines on scratch paper or in the margin of the test before writing your answer.



1. See the word – close your eyes.

2. Make a picture – then read from your picture.

3. Write the word – match the picture.

4. Check your work immediately.



1. Visualize the problem.

2. Make pictures or tallies of the problem on scratch paper.

3. Write the problem.


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