Hints for the Tactile/Kinesthetic Learner

1. Keep your desk clear of distracting objects.

2. Cover the page you’re not reading

3. If you are distracted by noise, turn off the radio; wear earplugs or wear an earphone in the learning center to block out the noise. If you want sound, listen to soft music.

4. Divide your work into short study sessions. Get a timer. After 20 minutes or when a task is completed, give yourself a reward, a cookie, a walk around the block, listen to one song, etc.

5. Sit as close to the teacher as possible, or sit in the center of the room by quiet students.

6. When studying, use a multi-sensory approach (hearing, seeing, touching and doing) as much as possible.

7. Get plenty of sleep.

8. Eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch. Snack on fruit or nutritional food if you need extra energy.

9. Study in a carrel or in an office where there is a desk for your text books and notebook.

10. Use models, real objects, and materials that can be touched and moved. For example, learn geography through handling and studying a globe.

11. When possible draw what you are learning.

12. Trace spelling words as you practice them.

13. Record in writing information learned. Keep a supply of paper on hand.

14. When possible, role plays, type, takes notes or construct models to learn the information.


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