Characteristics of Learning Styles

Three of your senses are primarily used in learning, storing, remembering and recalling information. Your eyes, ears, and sense of touch play essential roles in the way you communicate, perceive reality and relate to others. Because you learn form and communicate best with someone who shares your dominant modaility, it is a great advantage for you to know the characteristics of visual, auditory and kinesthetic styles and to be able to identify them in others.


Mind   sometimes strays during verbal activities

Observe   rather than acts or talks

Likes   to read

Usually   a good speller

Memorizes   by seeing graphics or pictures

Not   too distractible

Finds   verbal instruction difficult

Has   good handwriting

Remembers   faces

Uses   advanced planning


Quiet   by nature

Meticulous,   neat in appearance

Notices details



Likes   physical rewards

In   motion most of the time

Likes   to touch people when talking

Taps   pencil or foot when studying

Enjoys   doing activities

Reading   not a priority

Poor   speller

Likes   to solve problems by physically working through them

Will   try new things

Outgoing   by nature; expresses emotions by physical means

Uses   hands while talking

Dresses for comfort



Talks   to self aloud

Enjoys   talking

Easily   distracted

Has   difficulty with written directions

Likes   to be read to

Memorizes   sequentially

Enjoys   music

Whispers   to self while reading

Distracted   by noise

Hums   or sings

Outgoing   by nature

Enjoys listening activities



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